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With the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) genre exploding, many new, innovative and highly addictive titles have emerged into the limelight to capture, entertain, and entice us into purchases. Unfortunately, Clan of Champions is not one of those games.

I gave Clan of Champions roughly about 25 hours of gameplay (not including the tutorial), only to be disappointed further and further. Don’t get me wrong, the game isn’t a complete flop, but in my opinion, this game belongs on tablets. Clan of Champions reeks of a game designed into the mobile market. Highly repetitive gameplay, quick store access, and low resolution graphics with unintuitive AI.


Taking the Path of a Dual wielding she-elf, iIquickly picked up two “Gladiuses” and began to decimate every mission with an S rank at hard setting. I would best describe the game as having roughly the combat system of Morrowind, with a slow, clunky movement system that reacted slowly to commands. For some reason, my character would always have a one-second or so delay before movement, making quick successive combos almost impossible without spamming.

The customization system screams of additional spending, with a DLC button already implemented. The store is boring, since items can’t be previewed, you have no idea what they will look like. While the option to upgrade existing weapons and armor exist, you will quickly outgrow most items from random drops during missions. I wish further visual customization was available on items such as hue modification, or basic color changes.

Online multiplayer is the only saving grace of this title. While I did have significant issues connecting to servers, and kept getting dropped from games in the middle of a match, the full ones I did play were pretty fun. While glitchy with invisible walls, odd misses, movement issues, combat malfunctions, spell problems, and the random disconnection, Clan of Champions does well to entertain for a few hours.


Not much to say here. Low resolution graphics on a last-gen engine provide better support for low end computers, but will provide no entertainment for anybody graphically spoiled like myself.


Highly limited to grunts, yells, and clunks. Again, not much going on .

Final Verdict

Let’s face it. Clan of Champions doesn’t have much going for it. With low-end graphics, repetitive gameplay, mundane customization, and faulty servers, one would expect this title to crash and burn. But where some see a disaster, I see potential. This title BELONGS in the mobile market. At only 700 megs, it is highly possible to port this to current or next gen mobile devices. In my opinion, the entire project should have been originally developed for the mobile market. We learned that mobile market players seek repetitive mundane tasks and games that will just waste a few hours while their girlfriend/boyfriend prepare for dinner and a movie followed by a hopeful night of heavy petting and suggestive conversation.

Grade: D


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