Metalocalypse: Season 4 – The Church of the Black Klock Review

Dethklok is the world’s greatest band. For three seasons the world’s economy and fans hang on to every move the band makes, but unknown to them is a secret group that is monitoring every move they make. It’s not clear what the secret group’s true intentions are…

Season 4 returns the series to its 11-minute episodes featuring 12 episodes on two DVD discs. The best thing of all? It’s completely uncensored. Watching it on Sunday nights is great, but hearing it without any censors makes it worth watching.

Fans of legendary band Deathklok usually meet a fatal end, but no matter what, fans will still flock to see any performances the band does. The bandmates feel jealous or anger towards each other, but that’s pretty normal.

My favorite episode, “Going Downklok,” has the band living in a submarine until they finish making a record. The band masturbates constantly due to lack of women and eventually develops advanced Carpal Tunnel, causing the music to suffer. This leads to sexual frustration between Nathan, Abigail Remeltindrinc, Dethklok’s new producer, and Pickles, which strains the relationship between the best friends. That episode affects the rest of the series, which for the first time, continues until the season finale. The show is usually has standalone episodes. Season 4 also leaves the series hanging on a significant cliffhanger, leaving the fate of the band uncertain.


The visuals are very crisp and clean. The subtitle fonts, however, doesn’t complement the show all that well. It’s a small flaw, but having subtitles make it easy for me to understand characters like Dr. Rockso or the way the band speaks. The backgrounds and characters are done amazingly well, with a huge focus on people getting killed.


Metalocalypse takes advantage of the Dolby Digital 5.1 track to its max, with impressive musical pieces, sound clips and dialogue. You hear the beauty of multiple instruments for each band member.


There are quite a few extras. Disc one has an hour-and-a-half long of Nathan reading the works of Sir William Shakespeare, originally made to be a book on tape. Nathan quickly loses interest, rambling on and thinking about trying out voice over work for movies, or other books on tape.

Disc 2 houses plenty of extras including a small video focusing on Dr. Rocks greatest hits (which I would buy), the entire score of the church of Dethklok talking about the upcoming events, and others that include music and videos that aren’t in the show. Most of it is hilarious, and others are a quick minute or two watch.

Metalocalypse: Season 4 The Church of the Black Klock is available on both DVD and Blu-ray. It’s definitely worth catching, and the price is really good. Amazon has both for under 20 dollars. Metalocalypse: Season 4 is available this Tuesday, October 30th, 2012.

Grade: B+

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