Bunny Drop: The Complete Series Special Edition – DVD Review

By force of circumstances, a 30-year-old single man with a full-time job suddenly starts raising a 6-year-old girl. While running each other ragged, the two of them gradually grow into a “family”. This is the long-awaited anime version of “Bunny Drop”, the extremely popular and finely crafted comic by Yumi Unita. It’s a heartwarming and entertaining work that naturally depicts child-raising experiences, but also the instantly relatable warmth and noise of being in a family.

The Anime

I’ll admit it the artwork and look of Bunny Drop is not something I’d look at and go “That’s something I’d like to buy”. Truth be told it was the story that drawn me to this. I’m a sucker for heartwarming stories, especially when it involves two characters that are opposites of each other. It reminded me a lot of one of my favorite Adam Sandler movie Big Daddy, and considering Bunny Drop is a comedy too, I just had to see for myself whether or not they’re the same. I’m happy to report that it did remind me of Big Daddy and at some instances The Odd Couple. Although Rin is only 6, she is very mature for her age. The entire relationship between Daikichi and Rin is a very much give-and-take relationship. Even though Daikichi is the guardian in the relationship, he can be a bit clueless. Rin is the opposite, she is very young but she’s very mature. It’s this kind of relationship that makes Bunny Drop work. You will begin to enjoy the bond and funny relationship between the two main characters. If you’re a fan of heartwarming, feel good material featuring two odd couple characters (ie. Up, Big Daddy, The Odd Couple), then I highly suggest Bunny Drop to you.

Note: The complete series does not finish any arc whatsoever. So don’t expect any plot lines to be resolved here. You’re basically just watching the journey between Daikichi and Rin.

Grade: A


The video is presented in 1080p MPEG-4 AVC format, which as a few of you know, is just the average video compression for high-definition video. That’s the keyword for the quality of the video, average. There’s nothing special or eye-popping about it, but let’s face it when you’re watching an anime or any movie that doesn’t have special effect or action, you’re probably not that completely interested in the kind of video quality to show off your TV. With that said, the video is nice and crisp, the colors are vibrant, but I did find a few scenes with some interlacing issues.

The animation is fantastic, I can’t stress that enough. Everything is very fluid in the animation, and in my book that is the number one thing that every animation needs. Too bad that some of the interlacing issues kills some of the good looks from the animation.

Grade: C+


The audio is presented in LPCM Japanese 2.0 audio, which is the original presented format when it was in TV in Japan. Considering that was the case, I can’t really complain about the lack of surround sound. Although there is no surround sound, the audio is quite good. The soundtrack to the shows is amazing, and it suits the show really well. The effects sound nice and crisp whether you’re listening on your home theater or on your laptop. Everything just sounds great.

Grade: B-

Special Features

All the special features can be found on the second disc, and sadly there isn’t much there. It contains 4 mini-episodes, alternative openings and closings for the show, and lastly a Japanese commercial for the show. I loved the mini-episodes since it’s just a short version of the show. This is fun to watch after you finish the series, since you get to extend your Bunny Drop experience even further. I wish the special features had more content, but the mini-episodes makes up for the lack of special features.

Grade: B-

Art Book

The special edition comes with an art book that gives you some great insight about different aspects of the show. From character backgrounds to clothing styles to interviews with the creators of the show, you will get it all. As a graphic designer I always find art books fascinating to look through. The book is short, but I got so much more information from that short book. I would highly recommend this for any huge fan of the show and the artwork of the show; you’ll get your money’s worth by the book alone.

Grade: A


The special edition of Bunny Drop is sold in a box, which contains the special edition art book, and both Blu-rays/DVDs in a slim case. The book and cases fit very snuggly in the box, so it’s quite a pain to get out the Blu-ray cases. In order for you to take out the slim case you’re going to have to A. Shake the box until the first case comes out, or B. You’re going to have to shake the box until the book comes out, and then take out the cases.

Grade: C



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