PlayStation All-Stars LA BEATDOWN report and gallery

PlayStation and SuperBot Entertainment teamed up with iam8bit for their PlayStation All-Stars LA BEATDOWN event on Wednesday, October 24th. Gamers who attended the free event were able to play the final release code of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale game.

Playable characters included Kratos, Fat Princess, Nathan Drake, Big Daddy, Parappa the Rapper, Raiden and more. My main character was Raiden, and his dashing slice attack is pretty brutal. I wish I had a chance to play other characters, but I wanted to perfect Raiden. In the end, it really didn’t matter because I got pwned by a guy using Kratos. This guy was kicking everybody’s asses. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale definitely a game worth checking out, especially when you get to play as kick-ass video game characters from different franchises and beating the crap out of other characters.

The first 500 attendees received an exclusive t-shirt and poster designed by Boneface (see image above), and guests over 21 had free beer and wine. The event had a museum-like setup that featured props from the characters in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (see gallery at bottom).

Some cosplayers did show up (I counted four total). I saw a good Nathan Drake and the GamerBliss gals dressed up as Kratos and Sweet Tooth.

The Vizzi gourmet food truck was there, so I had to check out since I’m a big fan of gourmet food trucks. I tried the Organic Chickpea Slider and the Braised Wagyu Slider, and I was not impressed with their sliders. It was overpriced and the sauces were okay. The verdict was the same when I asked others what they thought about the food.

The biggest bummer for the night was when a thief decided to steal a gun prop from the photo booth area. Security had to check all the bags from people who were leaving. It’s really lame. The thief is already going to a free event with free drinks, and he/she decides to pull this shit off? Not cool!

Overall, it was a fun event, and iam8bit is doing a lot of good for the video game community.

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