G4 canceling X Play and Attack of the Show

As the figureheads that are in charge of the makeover of G4 continue their work, they have added the axing of the longest running shows the channel has to offer, X Play and Attack of the Show, two programs that largely dealt with gaming and tech news and reviews.

In their attempts to convert the channel to a stronger male oriented network, the two shows will be seeing their final episodes air all the way to December. X Play made its debut in 2003 when the channel was still called TechTV. Attack of the Show would air two years later, filling out the brunt of the gamer directed programming. Both shows aired over 3000 episodes between the two of them in their run.

While many can argue about the declining quality of both programs that has been prevalent for years (especially with AotS’s increasing emphasis on providing more sexual gags than actual content), those who remember the days of TechTV will no doubt be saddened by this piece of news, as they helped to contribute to gaming and nerd culture as a whole in their prime. As for what this will mean for gamer oriented programming, we can only hope that the executives in charge of the makeover at least consider a possible replacement.


Source: TVGuide

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