Calling all Mario fans! Special Mario gaming event to be held in Birmingham

This coming weekend is shaping up to be a very exciting and action-packed one for fans of Super Mario games, as Nintendo is holding a very special Mario event in the delightful and game-loving city of Birmingham.

The event will be held on Saturday 27th October at the Custard Factory, which has been described as ‘Birmingham’s Revolutionary New Arts and Media Quarter’. This makes it perfect for an exclusive gaming event then!

What’s on

The fun and games kick off at 12pm (midday) and go on until kicking out time at 6pm. Invited fans from Birmingham and locations all over the country will be meeting up to enjoy a host of Mario-themed activities. These include:

  • Competitions to discover who can collect the most coins in Coin Rush Mode in the New Super Mario Bros 2 – there will be prizes!
  • Mario Kart 7 time trial competitions for gamers wanting to put their driving skills to the test – prizes for this competition are to be confirmed
  • Playable demo version of Paper Mario: Sticker Star and Luigi’s Mansion on the Nintendo 3DS console
  • Retro Nintendo games available to play
  • Free food and drinks for attendees
  • A goody bag of some sort for everyone with an invite to the event

Besides these (as if there was time to fit in any more), event organisers have also promised that there will be plenty more fun and games to enjoy on the day.

Nab yourself a free invite

The good news about this event is that there are free tickets available. To get yourself an invite, you need to visit the Nintendo Facebook page, where you will find details of how to get in touch. The bad news is that there are very limited numbers of free invites available and the event is only a few short days away. If you want to go, you need to get in touch right away.

Don’t worry too much if you miss out on this particular event though. Nintendo knows that there are millions of Mario Bros fans all over the country who love to meet up and celebrate all the games in the series, so there is bound to be another special event coming up soon. In fact, this exclusive Mario event started life as a venue for the final of the Mario Kart 7 Britain’s Fastest Family Tournament (which went off with a bang, you’ll be pleased to know) and evolved into a celebration of all things Mario.

To ensure you don’t miss out on exclusive events again, keep a close eye on the Nintendo Facebook page where details of events will be announced.

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