An insider guide to getting 1 million coins in the New Super Mario Bros 2

Fans of Mario games will have already given the New Super Mario Bros 2 game a spin and encountered the brand new and dastardly difficult Coin Rush mode. The aim of Coin Rush is to make it through three courses and collect as many gold coins as you can, but this isn’t the only way to reach the ultimate goal of collecting one million coins.

To help you along your way to collecting one million coins and discovering exactly what happens when you reach 1,000,000 on your coin counter, try some of these top insider tips.

Coin Rush Mode

Let’s start with what you need to do in Coin Rush Mode to maximize the number of gold coins you can pick up.

As the eagle-eyed amongst you may have spotted when playing the New Super Mario Bros 2, the three different stages of Coin Rush Mode are randomly selected from levels you’ve already passed. The combination of courses is the key to achieving maximum coins in Coin Rush Mode. The following combinations have been found to offer as many as 30,000 coins in total:

Combination 1

  • Worlds 2-3
  • Worlds 2-4
  • Any Tower or Castle

Combination 2

  • Mushroom- 1 (M-1)
  • Mushroom -3 (M-3)
  • Any Tower or Castle

Other coin-rich combinations include mixtures of Flower-3 (F-3), Star-1 and any Tower or Castle.

Golden Flowers and Goombas

Another way to pick up heaps of coins in the new Super Mario Bros 2 is to make use of a Golden Flower whenever you see one. Some levels have a Golden Flower to collect at the start, so you need to get this. Keep restarting the level until you do. Once you have it, collect the Star you would like and move on in the level until you come to a second pyramid and a yellow pipe.

This pipe leads to an area with two pipes, both of which spit out Goombas. Start jumping on these Goombas one at a time once there are around 5 or 6 on the screen, making sure not to touch the ground.  This should yield around 50 coins a Goomba, adding up to around 400 coins once you’ve repeated the process a few times. Keep on at those Goombas until they run dry or you run out of time.

Turtle Tipping

The last thing you need to know to boost the total in your coin counter relates to Turtle Tipping. Start, as usual, with a Gold Flower. Once this is in your inventory, go to a turtle-hopping level (i.e. Mushroom-1) and start turtle-hopping. This would normally net you some 1-Ups, but with the Golden Flower you’ll get 50 extra coins a jump.

One final thing that can help in your quest for coins is to play the New Super Mario Bros 2 on a Nintendo 3DS XL console. The larger screen ensures all Nintendo 3DS games are easier to play and navigate.

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