PES 2013: Konami gets us to work out

Only two major titles really rule over the soccer (football) franchise when it comes to video games. These are PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) and FIFA. While this year’s FIFA has become more user-friendly, PES has taken a different approach to the genre. Konami has made PES a challenging, hard game with controls that take some time to get used to.

Alongside playing soccer in the virtual world, Konami has gathered a bunch of nerds and pitted us against each-other in real physical sportsm as well as an in game competition. Team Machinima took the trophy home (a 60-inch plasma TV) along with a few other prizes, but we have proved once again, that we are indeed the nerdiest guys out there. Scoring in a dignified last place, we dominated everywhere outside of the court. Even with the help of Sean Franklin of the LA galaxy, our chances were bleak and diminished after the first couple minutes, when what we thought was death loomed over our exhausted, sweaty, half-drunken bodies.

Cudos to everyone who participated in the games, Machinima played a great match. Congratulations again to you guys. Thanks to the members of the LA Galaxy that came down to give us a bit of coaching and kept us from keeling over in dehydration. We enjoyed PES 2013 and can’t wait to come back next year and kick some butt (or at least not lose so horribly).

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