Star Trek wedding during London convention

Oli Scarff/Getty Images

It’s finally happened!

A real Klingon wedding ceremony was performed at the ‘Destination Star Trek London’ convention last Friday. Swedes Jossie Sockertopp and Sonnie Gustavsson were inspired by the Star Trek ‘Deep Space Nine’ episode where Klingon Worf marries Jadzia Dax in a traditional Klingon wedding ceremony.

“We saw the clip from the series … and we thought it was very romantic about beating hearts and a battle for each other. We really liked it, that’s why we want to do this,” said Gustavsson, a Trekkie who introduced the series to his bride.

The couple were dressed in full Klingon garb – including forehead prosthetic and makeup – and had all the ceremonial props needed for a Klingon wedding. They were blessed by their officiant, Peter Wyllie, in English and Klingon, a fictional language in the Star Trek Universe. Their vows were also written in Klingon.

Trekkie love!

Wishing nothing but the best for the lovely couple… and to Live Long and Prosper.

Source: NY Daily News

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