Yes, I do like my tree parkour in my Assassin’s Creed III fan film

Where the hell did this come from? Here’s an awesome Assassin’s Creed 3 fan film called “Rebel Blades” by Corridor Digital. It features stunt work by Xin Wuku, AKA the Urban Ninja. The production quality and the stunt work are pretty damn nice.

Near the second half of the video, Connor shows up to dish out Assassin’s Creed justice against the redcoats. It’s got a splash of tree parkour and some cool assassination kills. If you’ve been checking out previews for the game, then you’ll be happy to see one of Connor’s moves where he hangs enemies from trees in this video.

Oh, Xin Wuku and the EMC Monkeys will be a special guests at our first convention, ReactorCon. So if you’re in or near the Los Angeles area, come check it out.

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