NR Contest – Regular Show: The Best DVD In The World.* At This Moment In Time

Any fans of The Regular Show here? If you are, then you should definitely enter this Nerd Reactor contest. We will be giving away 3 DVD copies of the Regular Show: The Best DVD In The World.* At This Moment In Time. That’s right, there will be three winners. The DVD contains 16 episodes from the second and third seasons and will be released on November 6, 2012.

So here’s how you enter:

In the episode “Slam Dunk,” Mordecai and Rigby receive special Basbetball powers from the God of Basketball. With their new powers, they are determined to beat Muscle Man so that Mordecai can get some extra computer time to impress Margaret by creating her a website. If you could meet a god who can give you special powers that’s based on a skill, what god would that be, and why would you want that power? Comment below.

Contest ends on Monday, November 5, 2012 at 11:59pm PST. U.S. residence only. No PO Box.

Also, stay tuned as we’ll have our interview with Regular Show creator  J.G. Quintel up.

The included episodes are:

1. Slam Dunk
2. Cool Bikes
3. The Best Burger in the World
4. More Smarter
5. Rap it Up
6. Weekend at Benson’s
7. Camping Can Be Cool
8. Trash Boat
9. Butt Dial
10. Think Positive
11. Video Game Wizards
12. Skips vs. Technology
13. Eggscellent
14. Muscle Mentor
15. Fists of Justice
16. Trucker Hall of Fame

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