Mickey and friends combine into a Giant Robot

Introducing Chōgōkin King Robo Mickey & Friends, a 9″ inch Super Robot created by combining six different Disney characters together. The figure is being released by Tamashii Nations, who have released some amazing high quality figures from series like Power Rangers, Saint Seiya, One Piece, Code Geass, Mega Man and other figures from popular series.

The set costs 13,440 yen ($170) with a release date of March 2013 in Japan, included are:

  • Jet Mickey: Torso
  • Sky Minnie: Torso
  • Diver Donald: Right arm
  • Aqua Daisy: Left arm
  • Land Goofy: Right leg
  • Dash Pluto (+ Doghouse): Left leg
  • Ace Willie (an homage to Mickey Mouse’s first animated short, “Steamboat Willie”): Head
If you love Power Rangers or Zords/Mechs, this is an awesome collectible for you. Put them together to create the Chōgōkin King Robo Mickey & Friends robot, or have them in their individual parts. Either way it’s a cool original figure.
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