Ray William Johnson is leaving Maker Studios

You can’t possibly navigate YouTube and not know Ray William Johnson or his show Equals Three. Ray dropped a bombshell Thursday night during the release of one of his weekly videos. He announced on his channel that he would be leaving Maker Studios and would film future Equals Three episodes from the comfort of his own home.

“In the near future =3 will no longer be part of the Maker Studios network, so I’m going to film here for a while. Even if I don’t have the proper equipment at home, even if I have to film butt-ass naked in a back alley, you guys are going to get an episode, goddamnit!”

Ray actually announced he would be leaving the Maker Studios Network on Wednesday via his official Twitter account. He had been away recording the Your Favorite Martian album. He originally set out to be gone for 2 months and had guest-hosts lined up to take his place during his absence, but returned early.  Following his announcement, Maker Studios released their own official statement.

“Ray is still a part of the Maker Network, however with the recent decline in viewership on =3 it made sense for him to go back to producing the show himself. Maker providing a full production staff of 12 people including a team of writers no longer was a viable option for =3. Maker fully supports Ray’s decision to go back to producing the show on his own for the time being and we wish him continued success. We will continue to support Ray through this transition.”

According to Ray, this statement is entirely wrong. He told New Media Rockstars on Twitter that Maker Studios wanted some of the rights to Equals Three, but Ray would not sign.

Maker suddenly insisted on owning part of the Equals Three IP. When I told them no, they stopped production on the YFM album, so I left. It had nothing to do with Viewership, and I’m not sure why their PR person is telling you that. The transfer for Equals Three channel to leave Maker network is beginning soon, but this process can take awhile.

Channel Meter has confirmed that Ray’s viewership has declined more than 20% over the last couple of months since July, but he is still the most watched channel on YouTube. Ray has set Guinness World Records with his channel and has well over 5 million subscribers with more than 2 billion total views. According to multiple sources, Ray makes more than a million dollars a month. I think it is safe to say Ray will be doing alright without the help of Maker Studios.

You can checkout the video where Ray makes his announcement in the video below.

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