Stone Cold talks more on Attitude Era and the CM Punk dream match

There is one man that encompasses the very fiber of the Attitude Era, and that man is Stone Cold Steve Austin. Arguably considered the greatest wrestler of all-time, Austin was able to reach heights that not even Hulk Hogan could have ever dreamed of.

Recently, WWE Game’s Community Manager, Aubrey Sitterson, sat down with the “Toughest S.O.B” to talk more on his time in the Attitude Era and the match that everyone wants to see, CM Punk vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin. In the interview, Austin talks about what set the Attitude Era apart from any other time in wrestling.

A lot of people ask me, what setup the Attitude Era or what started the Attitude Era? I was allegedly the leader of the Attitude Era, but Sports Entertainment/Pro Wrestling, whatever you want to call it, has always had an attitude. So why that particular generation got labeled that, I don’t know. Speaking for myself, I just channeled what I felt, gave what I felt. Finally, I released the personality of me in a competitive environment, which is killer instinct, to dominate and win everything you can. I unleashed that in the 20 by 20 ring and through good booking, great announcing. My buddy Jim Ross, coloring and embellishing all the stories I partook in. It just turned what it turned into, it turned into a damn monster.

Jim Ross will be returning to the announce table in WWE ’13 and will be joined by Jerry “The King” Lawler. They will be part of WWE ’13 Live Experience, which is meant to replicate the feel and the sound of an actual live WWE event.

“When that glass broke and that roof blew off the building that sends you higher in life than anything that I know of. It’s just an adrenaline rush I can’t explain. Now when you get in that ring and you start telling that story, you’re using that crowd to make your decisions. Based on what you do elicits a response. According to that response the crowd gives you, you proceed accordingly. So you feed off that. That’s the gasoline that fuels the match and that’s how you make your decisions. If your not listening to that crowd when you’re working, you’re missing the biggest part of what working’s all about.

The more that crowd gives you the more you can give them. It’s a win-win situation, for them watch and for us in the ring working.”

Steve talked about how the industry has changed from when he was driving around on an ATV, whooping ass and Stone Cold Stunning everyone in the locker room.

I can’t get too carried away about today’s system, it’s more of a PG system. To me it’s a little more toned down, but in the Attitude Era it was a little more straightforward, it was a little bit faster, it was a little bit more RAW, to use that term. It just had a different feeling. There was a feeling when you watched Monday Night Raw that anything and everything could happen, and a lot of times it did. I don’t so much sense that. It’s my take on the business then and now. It’s still a great business, but as everything changes, so does the world of the WWE.

The hot topic right now in the world of Professional Wrestling is CM Punk and Stone Cold. The two are always butting heads on Twitter and getting into heated arguments. Recently, CM Punk did a promo in Austin on Monday Night Raw that got under the Rattlesnake’s skin. Fans will be able to have Punk face-off with Austin in WWE ’13, but many are wondering about the possibility of a real match.

As I’m sitting here, I’m nursing a little knee injury. I just come out surgery, I got my knee fixed. Prior to the knee injury, I could have whipped CM Punk’s ass (snaps fingers) like that. When the knee heals up, I can whip CM Punk’s ass (snaps fingers) like that. When you ask CM Punk later on what he would do to Stone Cold Steve Austin. If he doesn’t say he’d whoop my ass, then I’ll have to punch him right in the mouth because I’d expect that’s what he’d say. If that match ever gets to the ring we’ll see what’ll happen.

You know if that match happened it’d be a big son of a bitch, wouldn’t it? I’d be the biggest match in the history of wrestling, in my opinion.

Whether it’s in the game or a real squared circle, or a sold out crowd, you can rest your bottom dollar that Stone Cold Steve would whoop CM Punk’s ass and that’s all got to say about that.”

Whether or not Austin faces CM Punk in the future remains to be seen, but for now fans will have to settle with having the two titans duking it out in WWE ’13. WWE 13 will arrive in store shelves on October 30th. You can check out the full interview in the video below. Big props to Aubrey Sitterson for not passing out or running away screaming.

Source: WWE Games

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