Avengers 2 vs. Justice League: The battle for the box office

I am not a witty man, I tried coming up with a title that would capture the epic epicness of a battle that would bestow us in 2015. Yes, people with the recent legal victory for Warner Bros regarding Superman, Warner Bros is going full speed ahead on the Justice League movie. According to the LA Times, “a knowledgeable person not authorized to discuss the matter publicly” has stated that Warner Bros. hopes to shoot the film next year and release it by summer 2015. Warner Bros. already have a script in their hands from Gangster Squad writer Will Beall and according to Mark Millar, Beall’s take on the team is “incredible”. All they need now is to get a director and cast on board.

This would mean that the Marvel vs. DC war will come head to head in the summer of 2015, and the winner at the box office will claim bragging rights until Avengers 3 and Justice League 2 comes out. The flame war is already at hot levels with Wally Pfister’s comments on the Avengers, and I’m sure it’ll escalate the closer we get to 2015. Nevertheless, in the grand scheme of things this is great news for comic book community in general. In 2015, not only will we get Avengers 2 and the Thanos saga, but we also get the Justice League as well! No matter what side of the war you’re on, this is great for everyone involved.

With that rant aside, there is also news coming that Warner Bros. is planning on doing a reverse Marvel approach to their superhero universe. Warner Bros. is using Justice League as the springboard to their superhero franchises, ie. Flash, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Batman and possibly Green Lantern. Nothing is certain right now and many questions are still to be answered. Will Nolan have any producer involvement with Justice League? Will Henry Cavill and Ryan Reynolds return, or will they go the route of possibly having the Justice League be its own universe as Batman-on-Film reported? Will Lobo be a part of Justice League? So many questions! All I know for sure is get ready for a wild ride come 2015.

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