CM Punk and Stone Cold face-off in WWE 13

There will always be the age old question of who would win if two legends from different times were pitted against one another in the Battle of the Ages. Tyson vs. Ali, MacGuire vs. Ruth, Bryant vs. Jordan, and Godzilla vs. the monster from Cloverfield. Recently, everyone in the WWE Universe seems mighty interested in what would happened if CM Punk and the “Texas Rattlesnake” squared off. Rest assured, you will be able to make this Dream Match a reality in WWE 13, but is there a possibility that this match could actually happen?

The idea first came up right before this year’s Wrestlemania 28, CM Punk was asked who his ideal Dream Match opponent for Wrestlemania would be. To which he replied, Stone Cold Steve Austin. Punk even boasted that their match would easily be way more anticipated than The Rock vs John Cena, which headlined Wrestlemania. Even Stone Cold has gone on record saying if he had one last match in him he would want it against CM Punk.

It seems like they have a genuine respect for one another, but when it comes to social media, the two are always at each others throats. CM Punk and Austin have now become infamous for their Twitter wars.

CM Punk: I like how THQ acts like they don’t know what would happened if me and Stone Cold were to lock horns. Everybody knows. SXE>Beer. GTS> Stunner
Stone Cold: Alright Punk…you’ve crossed the line…I’ll be seeing your ass in Atlanta.
CM Punk: Not if I see you first. Chicago>Texas
Stone Cold: alright Punk…I’m about to get off this treadmill and RUN to Atlanta…bringing some extra cans of Whoop Ass!!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!
CM Punk: wait, you do cardio? Legit question.
Stone Cold: What are you doing son, asking for advice/lessons etc? I’ll give your pierced lipped ass a couple of lessons when I see you. Out.

Recently, their online feud flared up again when CM Punk cut a promo on Austin last Monday on RAW. In the promo, Punk criticized Stone Cold for building his legacy around beating up a “delusional, inept millionaire.” To which Stone Cold quickly responded via WhoSay calling Punk a joke.

“Hey, it’s Stone Cold Steve Austin, I’m coming to you from Mexico where I’m out here working on Redneck Island and I heard through word on the street that CM Punk has been running down Stone Cold Steve Austin on Monday Night Raw for the past two weeks. I heard that you’ve been running me down. I didn’t see the show, so I haven’t heard or seen the promos. But I’ll get on YouTube, I’ll watch ’em, I’ll respond accordingly on my website, Or hell, if anybody up there in that organization, including you, got any guts or class you’ll send me the damn promos so I can respond accordingly. But you ain’t going to talk trash about me and I’m just going to let it slide. You call yourself the best in the world, you’re a damn joke and I ain’t going to get carried away here because I haven’t seen the promos, I just know that the words you had to say weren’t flattering. This is Stone Cold Steve Austin. You are looking, you are listening, to the best in the world and that’s all I got to say about that.”

Naturally, this has every WWE fan salivating over the idea that this may all be part of a build up to an actual match between Punk and Austin. It also doesn’t help that WWE Games has just released a new video that features the two men in question. In the interview, Good ol’ JR sits between Punk and Austin and ask what it would be like if each of them competed in each other’s respective era. Needless to say, the tension is so thick that even a knife won’t cut it.

WWE 13 hits store shelves October 30th. You can still preorder the standard CM Punk addition of WWE 13 or the Austin 3:16 Collector’s Edition. Funny how that worked out, huh?  You can check out the full interview below along with a hilarious picture of a young CM Punk with Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Source: WWE Games

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