Ant-Man release date officially announced

Ant-Man has waited six long years of waiting on the sidelines, just waiting for his time to shine. Edgar Wright, a director who can do no wrong in my eyes, has taken his time with co-writer Joe Cornish to get the script just right. Things finally came along quite nicely when Edgar Wright made an appearance at this year’s SDCC to preview his special effects test footage of his vision for Ant-Man. Let’s face it, Ant-Man’s powers is not the most awe-inspiring of the bunch. He’s a character that shrinks/grows and can talks to ants (note: He’s also a wife-beater as well). In my opinion, the only real use I see of him is Hank Pym’s creation of one of the Avengers’ ultimate foes: Ultron. I have the ultimate faith in Edgar Wright though; he has made a career on making movies awesome, cool, and funny.

That’s why when I saw the test footage at Hall H, Edgar Wright did the improbable and made Ant-Man’s powers cool. It got me and the other 6000-fans in attendance ready for Edgar Wright’s take on Ant-Man. Now with principal photography underway for Wright’s finale to his Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy: The World’s End, one can assume after this he would be working on Ant-Man for a May 2014 release date (a date usually taken by Marvel but vacant in 2014). Well not so fast, Disney has just announced today that Ant-Man will be released on November 6th 2015, six months after the release of Avengers 2. This release date has kept up with Marvel’s intentions of keeping to a two movies a year policy. It should give time for Edgar Wright to finish The World’s End and gives time for Marvel’s production brass a little breathing room in between projects.

With the release date set for Ant-Man, fans next question is undoubtedly who will be playing Hank Pym and at what point in the post-credits do they introduce him to the general public? What do you think Marvel fans? Who do you want to play Hank Pym, and do you introduce him before and be part of Avengers 2 or in the Avengers 2 post-credits scene?

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