This is no ordinary Portal gun

You can’t say you are any type of geek unless you’ve seen or played at least one of the Portal games from Valve. This mind-bending and sometimes frustrating puzzle game (for me at least) is nothing more than addicting. But after you’ve solved the puzzles, you will find yourself wanting to play with portals outside of the game world.

Now we’ve seen several replicas of the now famous Portal gun, but I bet you’ve never seen this Portal gun. The guys at Hack a Day managed to take a Portal gun replica and make it levitate a small companion cube. Repurposing parts from a magnetic floating globe to both the gun and homemade companion cube, Hack a Day managed to blow your mind with science!

Now, if you’ve ever played with a magnetic globe before, you know you can’t just slap it and watch it spin like crazy; you have to be gentle. Similarly, if you move the cube to much it will just fall out of reach; and when that happens you get no cake!

Take a look at the video below:


Source: Engadget, Hack a Day

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