Netflix app for Windows 8 now live

While Windows 8 is not even out to the general public until October 26, some more popular apps have started to roll out as the day gets closer. One of those apps is from Netflix. Now this comes as no surprise, since Microsoft confirmed the app a while ago. Those lucky ones that have been testing early releases of Windows 8 can go to the Windows Store and download the app for FREE.

If you have a Netflix app on your smart phone, the UI will look similar but with standard Metro-styling and UI elements that disappear off the right edge of the screen. The app also supports the Metro semantic zoom feature as well. If you get this app you should know that its just for streaming, you cannot use the app to manage DVD/Blu-Ray subscriptions, or to even search for movies or TV shows that are not available for streaming yet.

Netflix says it’s made this app more efficient, cutting down on the CPU usage as well as battery usage. Since this is the first version of the app, not much else is new. I hope in the next versions Netflix can give you more account managing options. It seems to me like this would be natural to have since its for a PC, but we’ll see.

Source: Engadget

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