Resident Evil 6 Ada Wong DLC to be free

Well Capcom is no stranger to DLC. They spent a better part of this year taking fire from fans and gamers about their on-game DLC practices, but it’s not always bad.

Today Capcom announced that some DLC will be available very soon and once focuses around Ada Wong. After unlocking Ada’s campaign by clearing Leon, Chris and Jake’s respective campaigns, you can play as Ada as she gets deep into the heart of everything. Her scenario has no room for a partner, and thus, becomes a solo play through. Well Capcom has a patch for that, once released you can play with someone else in her story. This will also make her scenario available from the start without needing to unlock it.

The other news will be a new game mode named “No Hope” will be coming via update, and we can guess it won’t be easy with a name like that.

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