San Diego’s Haunted Trail

It’s almost that time of the month! If you’re thinking what we’re thinking about, then you are correct! It will soon be days filled with blood and grossness. What? We’re talking about Halloween here! Yes, this holiday creeps us all out too. However, if you went to the Haunted Trail in San Diego, you’d be even more creeped out.

This outdoor scare attraction expands over the a large portion of the Balboa Park, but it’s not your normal “walk in the park” scenario. There are graveyards, evil houses, a desiccated church, prisons, lunatic asylums, a butcher shop, and even a decayed Old West Town (which was my favorite). The actors in makeup and masks do an outstanding job at scaring the living fecal matter out of you.

Some people might ask, why they should go all the way down to San Diego if they can go to the same kind of venue that’s closer to where they live. The answer to that question is simple. Those other places suck. There I said it. You know why? The Haunted Trail is edgier, and the ghouls, zombies, and maniacs literally get in your face. Just a fair warning, your personal space will be invaded with either claws, teeth, or a chainsaw. The creators of Haunted Trail have also put in a tremendous amount of detail into their props. Bones, gore, blood, and viscera are all well placed to give each sub-location that nice “lived in” feel. If you’re looking for the lived-in feel of a corpse or a madman, The Haunted Trail does not disappoint.

Haunted Trail’s Graveyard (Picture by Pumpkinrot Blogspot)

This attraction is only here for the month of October, so come by and get the filling scared out of you. Bring your friends, children, or significant other. That’s one good thing about a scary attraction: If you do bring a date, she (maybe even a “he”) would most likely hold on to you for protection the rest of the trek. And the trek through the Haunted Trail is not short. I guarantee you WILL scream more than once.

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