NR TV: San Diego’s The Haunted Hotel

The Nerd Reactor crew makes the trek down to San Diego from the Los Angeles area to check out the Haunted Hotel and Haunted Trail. In this segment, NR host Alger Alama experiences with us the terror that is The Haunted Hotel. We interview the guys behind the scares, Greg DeFatta and Robert Bruce, and embark on a journey into the darkness. Witness evil clowns, evil cooks, evil bellhops, evil Jason and evil toilets. Yes, everything at the hotel is evil.

The Haunted Hotel is easily one of the scariest and intense haunted attractions we’ve been to.

For more information and tickets, visit the Haunted Hotel site.

And thanks to Istudios for creating our new Nerd Reactor intro. Doesn’t Nerdzilla look cute?

We’d like to give a very special shout out to The Haunted Hotel’s Josh Overturf, Greg DeFatta and Robert Bruce for being such gracious hosts.

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