Mugen Souls Review – Making the universe yours

*Warning – one laptop died in the making of this video*

Mugen Soul is a fun game, and it was also the first game I got to play and record thanks to the Hauppauge HD PVR. I thought it would be fun to do a video review. Well, the video came out great, but the audio apparently killed a laptop. It was worth it for my first try.

Mugen Souls is a JRPG localized by NIS America and created by Idea Factory and Compile Heart. It stars a self-titled undisputed god, Chou Chou. She has no memories of the past, but one day decides that she likes the pretty planets and decides to make them all hers. With her peons she sets out to make everything hers as they had for the first of seven planets. There Chou Chou reveals her abilities as she can bring continents together by making peons out of the land.

The game has a very funny sense of humor. Chou Chou can transform into 6 different Moé (as originally related to a strong interest in a particular type or style of character in video games, anime or manga), each once fitting a different nature such as sadist, masochistic, hyper and so on. Each one gives Chou Chou a completely different look and personality. The things they say are usually amusing, especially when you get the emo version who talks to people as if they were trash.

Characters are hilarious since you have to dominate both Heroes and Overlords from each world, who become friends with Chou Chou and characters for your teams. They all fit to a different Moé, but it is usually funny because you see a hero dominating a princess to wear revealing bikinis and forces her to walk with him wearing it. Some hero right?

You also get plenty of sexy action too; a few bath scenes, plus don’t forget you are dealing with a girl who can transform into a sadist and masochist.

Overall it’s a fun game. The video showcases some of the fighting, so check it out. The game releases next week. So if you are on the fence, this is a great pick up with plenty of grinding and hundreds of hours of gameplay.

Stay tuned as I work on getting my video better.

One day I will do that much damage

Grade: B

If you are on the fence about picking up the NIS America’s online deal, which features 3 mini nendorid figures, and extras, I wouldn’t wait too long. Many NIS online only specials sell out quick and when they do you rarely ever see the LE again, unless you like to buy it on eBay and Amazon for almost twice the price.

I know I am waiting on mine.

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