Green Arrow revealed for Injustice roster

Green Arrow has been getting a surprising amount of attention lately. Not only is he getting his own series on the CW channel, titled Arrow, Entertainment Weekly revealed earlier this morning the sharpshooter will also be making an appearance as part of the Injustice: Gods Among Us roster. A welcome addition to the fight, this superhero version of Robin Hood brings a cavalcade of tricks, traps, and a ton of different arrow types to turn his opponents into human pincushions.

A new trailer was also made public, which can be watched on the EW article, that shows the archer in action. Despite his strength being long range arrow-flinging, Green Arrow seems more than capable of holding his own face-to-face, and even has some tricky combos that can pin his foes down and create a bit of distance. Much like the other characters in the roster, Green Arrow also interacts with the stage environment in different ways, rolling barrels to trip enemies up, or even using a well placed shot to pop them into electrical wires for extra damage. All of this is accompanied by his familiar snarky attitude, which should liven things up among the more serious-toned heroes.

Some may argue that this may be DC and NetherRealm’s counter to Hawkeye’s sudden boost in popularity, who was not only in UMvC3, but in the Avengers movie as well. Though it’s worth pointing out that Green Arrow actually made his foray into the comics scene first, popping up in the 1940s, while Hawkeye would debut two decades later. And unlike Hawkeye’s outfit in The Avengers, Oliver Queen’s superhero attire in Arrow seems to actually have some semblance to the comics.


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