Zombie Cat book review

If my time on the internet has taught me anything it’s that the online community has an unfaltering love for two things: funny cats and zombies. And whenever two things peak in popularity someone somewhere is bound to perform a proverbial fusion dance hoping to create a singularity of awesomeness. Introducing Zombie Cat: The Tale of a Decomposing Kitty, written by Isabel Atherton and illustrated by Bethany Straker, which hopes to do just that.

In the classic picture book format, Zombie Cat tells the story of the titular hero, formerly known as Tiddles, and his owner Jake as they coexist, reanimated feline and still living human, through the zombie apocalypse. Do you love your cat enough to keep him/her in your home post-zombification?

The book glimmers with wit and self-awareness and is definitely charming. However this book is anything but cute, as I and probably others were expecting. Tiddles is more zombie than cat and looks truly gruesome through most of the book. Perhaps it’s a bit odd to expect a zombie cat to be cute in the first place, but we are living in a world where the Tim Burton’s animated films exist. Cute deadites are sort of the norm.

This may or may not haunt my nightmares.

However, I like Zombie Cat despite his rot and it takes a fair bit of talent to not only make an animal that’s so adorable so hideous, but to also have the reader still love him in spite of it. The illustrations are topnotch and the book certainly gave me a chuckle or two. Though its not for everyone, it makes a great gift and fans of adult picture books like All my Friends are Dead, Go the Fuck to Sleep, and The Book of Bunny Suicides should definitely consider adding Zombie Cat to their collection. He certainly isn’t unwelcome on my coffee table, even if he does want to eat my brains. I can has cerebellum?

Think Zombie Cat is up your alley? Then check out the preview videos for the book, the third of which will be hitting YouTube soon!



Overall Grade: B+

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