Resident Evil 6 ships 4.5 million copies worldwide

Resident Evil 6 was released this week on Tuesday worldwide, and today in Japan, Capcom is already celebrating the fact that the game has already shipped 4.5 million copies of the game in less than a week.

This makes Resident Evil 6 the highest shipped Capcom game to date, beating out RE 5’s 4 million copies shipped at launch. Currently Resident Evil 5 has shipped over 5.8 million total copies worldwide, and Capcom plans on breaking that record thanks to all the hype surrounding Resident Evil 6.

Reviews on the game have been mixed, from less than stellar to an amazing piece of work. I just finished completing all the main character stories and extra goodies like the Mercenaries and Agent Hunt and was pleased with the game overall. I did have a few gripes, but what game doesn’t have that.

Stay tuned for my review of Resident Evil 6.

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