Review: Solomon Kane

Back in Comic-Con 2009 just before the 2012 panel, they showed a preview for Solomon Kane. It was projected to be released in the US later that year or early the next year. It got a lot of applause for just the little bit of preview we saw. After waiting a year and still no news, except a rumor of Lionsgate picking it up for US release, I finally got a chance to watch it via stream. And let me tell you, this is a good movie. It is action packed and the story-line will not bore you.

Here’s a brief overview of the movie: Solomon was a privateer who fought in North Africa and came in combat with the “Devil’s Reaper” who has come to claim his soul. After this encounter he decides to drop his arms and return to England to live a life of peace and converts into Puritanism. But soon an evil sorcerer, Malachai, causes turmoil in his new peaceful life and he must take up arms once more.

This movie has a lot of action and has enticing visuals with a very good story. Only thing that I didn’t like was the final boss battle, but even that had a pretty cool ending.

However, the CG stood out like a sore thumb as if they got lazy. One that really stands out for me is the scene where Solomon was about to be executed by a Reaper. He engages him with what seems to be a normal sword and the Reaper held a special sword that seemed to burn everything but his weapon. The fire on the sword looked really cheesy and looked out of place. I think the best CG was the fire demon that was summoned. That looked damn good.

But it was not all that bad. Most of the fight scenes were amazing. I mean, they really put a lot of work on the sword fighting, as it was one of the saving graces of this movie. Don’t get me wrong, I’m into the mythical and magical things that happen in this movie, but my preference is that they take up the sword and duke it out.

All in all if you are looking for a movie to watch for some adventure or just something a bit different, Solomon Kane is what you want. But to tell you the truth, this is a rental movie. Though if you like it and buy it, it’s your own prerogative.

Grade: C

Also, for those that watched Rome on HBO, Solomon Kane is the same person who played Marc Antony, James Purefoy.

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