Undertaker and Paul Bearer reunite in WWE 13

We are in the final days until the October 30th release of WWE 13, and WWE Games still has a few surprises for us. Today, they have announced Alberto Del Rio’s personal ring announcer will join WWE 13, along with the legendary manager who once valeted the likes of Mankind, Kane and The Undertaker, Paul Bearer.

Paul Bearer used to scare the crap out of me as a kid. To quote the great Jerry “The King” Lawler, “He has a face only a mother could love.” Underneath that hideous smirk, you knew an evil mastermind was at work. Paul Bearer and The Undertaker will always be one of my all-time favorite wrestler/manager duos.

Recently, WWE Games sat down with Paul to reminisce about the good old days. In the interview, Paul reveals that he was at one time a real mortician, which is what got him the gig to be Taker’s manager.

“It was always wrestling and the funeral business for me, but Vince McMahonwas the one that put the two together. I just wish that we had a tape recording or video or something of the day that I went up to Stamford, Connecticut in the old Titan Towers, with me sitting in the boardroom with Vince and Pat Pattersonand JJ Dillon. We were sitting there talking and I didn’t even know that Vince was looking for a manager for The Undertaker. Vince knew who I was because I was on [World Class Championship Wrestling in Dallas], which was on ESPN. He looks at my resume and he looks over at JJ and Pat Patterson and says “Do y’all know that he’s a real mortician?” They all start laughing like a son of a *****. Vince is laughing that trademark Vince McMahon laugh. So that moment there is when I realized that they were looking for a manager for Taker…”

Oddly enough, Paul Bearer was not the only one with some funeral home experience. Taker used to deliver corpses to the morgue before the Phenom went 20-0 at Wrestlemania.

Paul Bearer, aka Bill Moody, also talked about what it was like to work with The Brothers of Destruction.

They are such great performers, such great athletes. Such great men, gentlemen in general. I am truly humbled that I have been allowed to be associated with them for all these years. When me and Taker first started, his first WrestleMania and my first Wrestlemania, so we’ve really been together all that time. I get asked, would you have thought then, that he’d be still going in 2012? Hell no, I wouldn’t then and I’m sure that he wouldn’t have either. In the early years, me and Taker were together so much, I mean all the time. We had a very special relationship and a very special bond. It was such a perfect chemistry, a perfect meant-to-be thing. We were meant to be for each other, but we had no idea it would last this long.

Seeing as everyone is talking about the new “Attitude Era” Mode in WWE 13, WWE Games asked Paul what were some of his favorite moments.

“DX was one of a kind. They have done so many things and made the show so enjoyable. One of my favorite DX moments was seeing them go down the street in that tank, with the army helmets on. The “Attitude Era” and the Monday night wars were just…I’m at a loss for words. It was so unique, it was a war. Without a doubt. Vince didn’t hesitate to do anything to beat WCW. And sometimes we’d beat them and sometimes they’d beat us. The popularity of professional wrestling at that time was at a high for both of us. Then of course the birth of Steve Austin, who started at Dallas in the Sportatorium, with a wrestler named Chris Adams. I was involved in all that. I was Steve’s manager, and his ex-wife was his valet. I’ll never forget that interview that he cut with Michael Hayes and he said, “Austin 3:16 says I just whipped your ****!” for the first time, and the rest is history.”

It’s a great interview, you can check out the full article over at THQ.com. Moody talks about his favorite managers of all-time and the whereabouts of the original Undertaker Urn.

I have to say my all-time favorite promo with Paul Bearer and The Undertaker was from the 1992 Survivor Series. It was Taker’s first Casket Match EVER, and he was set to face off with the Ugandan Giant, Kamala. One of the early promos from the PPV showed The Undertaker hard at work in death valley, building a coffin specially made for the Ugandan Giant. Unfortunately, I could not find it on YouTube. 🙁 But here’s a promo that takes place after Taker has finished making the coffin.

WWE 13 hits store shelves October 30th. Count down the days!

Source: WWE Games

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