PSP Digital Comic Store is closing

One sad day PSP readers are not looking forward to is October 31st. The PSP Digital Comics store has only been alive for a couple of years now, but this week Sony Entertainment America (SCEA) announced that it was going to close the PSP comic store. After October 30, 2012, the app needed to download new comics will not be available. Anyone that currently has the app can still re-download past titles until mid-January. After the cutoff point in January, readers will be on their own. Sony does point out that even without the ability to re-download past comics, readers can still back up their collection using Media GO.

It’s sad when something gets phased out, but it’s almost always for something a bit better. While the PSP comic store is closing, it would be great to see if a PSVita comic store rise to take its place. Sony hasn’t said anything just yet, but gamers are hopeful. This is the only problem I have with digital media. The more and more we turn away from games on disk, or comics on paper, the more susceptible we become to losing complete digital libraries. Let’s hope Sony is just holding out on a revamped app and service.

Source: Sony

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