Hitachi – New gadget for endless digital storage


What do we know about digital storage other than we’ve all probably transformed it four or five times in the past ten years? There is the Floppy, HDD, Zip-drive, CD, Flash-drive, SSD, Cloud network, and even social networks that store our stuff. So much junk in the trunk Kanye West says – that shit cray! Those times where you helped grandma with transferring digital content might be over. “No grandma, no one will have access to your AARP credit card information.”

Hitachi unveiled a way in which silver quartz glass, that is nearly unbreakable and never degrades, can store digital content. Success! Tech continues to advance and nothing says f*%! you mother earth like a never degrading shard of glass. The prototype is a two centimeter square that is two millimeters in thickness. It currently was designed to hold 40 megabytes, a size of a music CD.

The material currently is comprised of four layers of dots which can hold 40mb per square-inch. Hitachi will begin practical use with government agencies, museums, and religious organizations. In other news, Windex stock jumped today.

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