The Kliq is back: D-Generation X joins WWE 13

Week after week, WWE Games has been announcing new additions to its “Attitude Era” Mode in the upcoming WWE 13. Recently, they have just announced that the most controversial stable of all time will be featured in the game, D-Generation X.

Fans who watched the 100th episode of RAW saw the reunion of “the band” live in St. Louis. This was the first time in almost 10 years since all the core members had been together in the same ring. Of course, one member was left out of the reunion but we won’t get into that right now.

In WWE Games’ sneak peek, we get of glimpse of classic DX moments that fans will be able to relive in “Attitude Era” Mode. From Shawn Michaels’ legendary battles with Bret “The Hitman” Hart, to HHH’s war with The Rock. It doesn’t get much better than this

Don’t mind me. I’ll just lay here and die.

From the trailer, we can confirm that fans will be able to replay the iconic 1st “Hell in a Cell” Match. The year was 1997 and it was at WWF’s Bad Blood PPV where Shawn Michaels squared off with The Undertaker for the WWF Title. This match also marked the debut of Undertaker’s long lost bother Kane, a bitter reunion that would cost Taker the match.

Sweet music to my ears.

I can’t really tell from the trailer what other matches will be included, but I hope they have the infamous Montreal Screwjob. It was a milestone for the Attitude Era and the Monday Night Wars. Easily the most controversial match of all time and the most talked about moment in wrestling history.

The trailer doesn’t show what’s in store for The New Age Outlaws or X-Pac. Hopefully we will see Outlaws’ battle it out with The Legion of Doom, Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie.

WWE 13 continues to look better and better every week. This is a game you’re not going to want to miss. WWE 13 hits store shelves October 30th.

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