Playstation Plus coming to the PS Vita plus 2 new colors(Update)

In November the PlayStation Vita will be getting access to PlayStation Plus, giving Playstation Vita owners the opportunity to take advantage of sales and free downloads similar to the Playstation 3 version.

Pricing starts $18 for a 30-day subscription or $50 for a full year. Currently, there’s no word whether this is stand alone for people who only own a Vita or if it will be some tie in with people who already have a PS Plus account on their PS3.

(Update) All right so Sony has confirmed current PS Plus subscribers will get all the goodness they paid for on both their PS3 and Vita’s, and be able to save their saved games on the PSN cloud which will becapped at 1 gig for the PS Vita, good news PS3 owners the cap for cloud saves on the PS3 has also been increased to 1 gig.

Sony also announced two new colors for the Playstation Vita, both Cosmic Red and Sapphire Blue. Both models will be released on November 15th in Japan.

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