The Rock joins WWE 13


If ya smeeeeelllllllllllllll lalalalaaa……..oh, sorry. Just recently announced today, “The Great One” will return to the digital squared circle in WWE 13. As part of WWE 13’s new Attitude Era Mode, fans will be able to replay some of The Rock’s most iconic moments. From his battles with HHH to his unforgettable feud with Stone Cold Steve Austin, WWE 13 is looking to be a must-not-miss for any avid Rock fan.

One thing I noticed in the trailer; it seems you will be able to re-play the horrific 1999 Royal Rumble “I Quit” Match with The Rock and Mankind. This is specially significant to me because I WAS THERE. It was an absolutely gruesome match. I could clearly remember a woman and her children shrieking in horror with every chair shot The Rock delivered to the handcuffed Mankind. It was brutal. The lady and her children left the arena and The Rock won the match, but that is not the end of my story.

Fast forward later that year, a documentary called Beyond the Mat was released. It was a shocking documentary that took a surreal and heartbreaking look into the life of a Professional Wrestler. One of the matches that was featured in the film was the “I Quit” Match. It turns out that lady ended up being Mick Foley aka Mankind’s wife and those were his children. From that day forward, I never looked at wrestling the same way again. Hence, why I have so much respect for what these men and women put their bodies through. They put their lives on the line every night purely for our entertainment. You gotta respect that. If you never seen Beyond the Mat, I highly suggest you watch it. You can find it available on Netflix.

WWE 13 hits store shelves October 30th and if you Pre-Order the Austin 3:16: Collector’s Edition, you get art card signed by Stone Cold himself.

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