Apple sues Polish store

It seems that Apple is willing to sue anyone for just about anything. According to PC Mag, this time they take their aim on a Polish grocery site that uses as its website address. Now, before you get to say that they are trying to steal the name. In Poland the country-wide domain is “.pl”. Apple is saying that there are trademark issues and the site is trying to confuse the public.

To me this seems like a very far-fetched idea from Apple. Seriously, talk about the big bad bully picking on the small kids. They have gotten way over their heads on this one. I mean, how are people going to confuse a store that sells computers, phones, and tablets for a store that sell actual apples, food, and cleaning products. If people are confused then I have to feel sorry for those people.

But it seems like this will take a couple years to get settled. I don’t know why it would take so long to throw out a case like this. To me in plain sight I can see that this is not even worth the time or money it will cost. But I don’t have that kind of power and I hope someone in their right mind does the right thing. And as you know Apple won against Samsung over smartphone and tablet patents to the tune of over $1 billion, that’s with a “b”.

One comment the caught my eye was:

Apple= A#@hole people practically litigating everyone

On other sites:

Tomorrow’s News: Apple sues farmers for growing apples. Consumer’s thought they were purchasing actually Apple products at the grocery store and the 3 week shelf life was tarnishing their reputation.

Apple sues God for creation of apples.

Also named in the suit are Adam and Eve for giving apple’s their name.

also named the apple tree for design infringement.

That last few made me laugh. Anyways, what are your thoughts on this recent lawsuit by Apple?

Source: PC Magazine

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