And the winners of the Power Rangers hoodie and tunic tank dress are…

Choosing a winner for these contests never gets any easier, especially when a lot of the entries are amusing. But no, there can only be one…errr, I mean two. For this contest, we celebrated the greatness that is the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and teamed up with TV Store Online. One will win a tunic tank dress, and the other will win a Power Rangers hoodie. Which one is the best prize? Well, it depends on whether you’re a smokin’ hot babe or not. Now onto the winners, shall we?

Here’s the winner of the “tunic tank dress“:

Ethan Huynh

A Pen
A Paperclip
A Rubberband
Duct Tape
Swiss Army Knife
… and with my powers combined – we have MacGyver who can solve anything with random stuff.

I thought it was clever to have a bunch of random items form the world’s most inventive hero, MacGyver.

And the winner of the Power Rangers hoodie:

Richard Kim

5 things:
Cancer (Black Ranger cuz cancer kills)
Cheating Wife (Yellow Ranger cuz yellows are for cowards and annoying wives)
Sidekick named Jesse Pinkman (Pink Ranger… pink man.)
Chemistry Degree to make meth (Blue Ranger because it’s blue meth 99.1% pure)Military-grade M60 Machine Gun (Green Ranger because we all know the greed and ego will bring him down)

With these powers combined… you get Heisenberg (Red Ranger because he’s going to murder everyone), bitches!!!

I had to choose this, since I’m starting to get into Breaking Bad. The way Richard combines elements from the show to represent each of the 5 Power Rangers…simply wonderful. Hats off to you, good sir. You guys should know the drill by now, and if not, send me an email (Visit the About page) and let me know your mailing info, color, and size.

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