Steam Big Picture Mode is LIVE!

Valve has been giving more and more details about Big Picture Mode in the last months. Now you can download the beta trial. This is Steams TV – a friendly UI to bring your PC/Mac gaming to the living room. You’ll be able to access your complete game catalog by hooking up your PC to your HDTV set. A Mac version should be out soon, but for now the PC version is available. Valve also gives you some quick steps to setup the PC to the TV connection. This can be done by HDMI cable, other wireless audio/video choices if you don’t want to move your PC closer to the TV. Once you’ve setup your connection, you can use a gaming controller, or mouse and keyboard to play right away. More than just games, Big Picture Mode also includes a browser that Valve says, “doesn’t suck”.

This browser and the entire UI is designed around the controller. As such, you have a new quick way of typing instead of the normal QWERTY keyboard you would get with game controllers. Valve does point out that you don’t need to connect you PC to your TV to use Big Picture Mode. While Big Picture Mode is meant to for your TV, it will still work on your PC, if you just want to use the new UI.

Source: Steam

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