WonderCon returns to Anaheim and San Francisco in 2013?

Big news just dropped last month for next year’s WonderCon. The VP of Marketing and Public Relations, Daniel Glazer, held an exclusive interview with Publishers Weekly about the fate of next year’s convention. Following the end of WonderCon 2012, it was to the understanding of many attendees that the Con would return to the Moscone Center in San Francisco next year. During his interview, Glazer revealed that would not be the case.

According to Glazer, Comic Con International was not able to get the dates in the spring they wanted. Actually, no dates are currently available for the Moscone Center because of the current construction on the building. The construction was the main reason that the con was moved to Anaheim in the first place, but it is scheduled to be completed this year. The convention center says they may be able to secure dates in Fall, but they would not know for sure until October.

With Anaheim already confirming spring dates for WonderCon 2013, it was an easy decision to have the con in Anaheim for a 2nd year in a row. But what if Moscone does come through with the dates for Fall of 2013?

“We thought long and hard about it. If we do get the fall dates in Moscone then WonderCon will be in SF and we’ll have to name the Anaheim show something else.”

So if Comic Con International does get the dates for Fall 2013, WonderCon will return to its rightful home in San Francisco and Anaheim would get a whole new Con. Seems like a win-win to me.
Anaheim has been longing for a big convention since AX left back 2006. At one time, Anaheim was also being considered for the new home of San Diego’s Comic-Con. Although, some fans were not too happy with their experience at Anaheim WonderCon. To quote one attendee, “They can’t even handle this, what makes them think they can pull off SDCC?” An entire new Con put on by the CCI could be just what the doctor ordered.
Do you think WonderCon should return to San Francisco? I do miss Ike’s Place 🙁
You can check out our video from the last WonderCon we attended in SF below.

Source: Publishers Weekly

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