Artist Spotlight: Kwa Hong Yen, AKA Agustinus

From time to time, I would browse around different artworks from different artists in search of someone to spotlight here. For this spotlight, I’d like to showcase the artworks of Kwa Hong Yen, AKA Agustinus, and he’s from Indonesia.

Click on the images for a larger image size.

Here’s the Scarecrow, Batman and Supergirl. Supergirl is trying to tell him not to be so violent. So what does Batman do instead? He flicks a small piece of kryptonite towards her to get her out of his way. We then see Superman trying to get the kryptonite away from her by wearing a mask and having a bag to dispose of it.

Cloud checking out some ass while Tifa gets mad.

Chun-Li and Nina Williams fighting it out for Street Fighter X Tekken.

Supergirl and Batgirl chilling at the park.

Check out more of his artworks at Agustinus’ Deviantart

And here’s a clip from the Superman Animated Series where Superman dresses up like Batman and takes on Bane.

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