James Cameron delays Disney’s ‘World of Avatar’ attraction?

Have you heard? Disney and James Cameron are working on a new attraction for Avatar called James Cameron’s World of Avatar, and It’s to be a part of Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Florida. The projected plans were to have the attraction start construction in 2013 and have it open in 2015. Looks like things might be delayed.

Rumor has it that James Cameron is being difficult with the Disney Imagineers. Whenever they would come to a disagreement, Cameron would simply walk off, making it hard for the workers to proceed with the attraction.

The World of Avatar would have fans be immersed in the world of Pandora filled with giant blue people and a flight-simulated ride.

As I’m writing this, I wonder why Disney doesn’t just dump the project and try for a Star Wars-themed land. Star Tours is not enough.

Source: /film

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