Capcom announces Phoenix Wright 5 is coming to the West

Gyakuten Saiban 4 aka Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney was released back in 2008, and since then the ace attorney has been relatively quiet…until now. Well, if you don’t count Phoenix (Naruhodo-kun) being in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3.

Last years there were talks about a Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney title being made by Level 5, which at Tokyo Game Show was confirmed for a late 2012 release in Japan with no current North America release date.

Earlier this week we also announced Capcom will be releasing the series for iOS devices as early as today.

And now best news of all…a fifth Phoenix Wright title is being made for the Nintendo 3DS. The fifth title will take place one year after the events of Apollo Justice, and Phoenix Wright will be back to defend the innocent while finding the truth, but this time he will have a new partner.

The game will have an all-new artwork style and will also focus on the 3D capabilities and storage space the 3DS has to offer. While no current release date has been set, aside from the standard 2013 year date, Capcom has announced the game already has plans for a western release, so fans won’t have to object.

I am pretty happy with the announcement, and the game looks pretty awesome since Phoenix is more detailed than before.

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