Data-Mine yourself on Facebook

Over the years Facebook has gathered everyone’s data, from your basic information to create an account, to your likes, the friends you keep, where you hang out, and other social groups you connect to. Now, you could look at all your settings and pages to view this information, but you could also data-mine your own account. Wolfram Alpha, the computational knowledge engine launched mid 2009, and is now giving you a chance to data-mine yourself. Wolfram Alpha does more than give you data from your Facebook account. It can help you solve math equation; give you interesting information by typing in a name, and much more. Anyone can try this out by going to Wolfram Alpha, typing in “Facebook report”, and giving access to the app. Then all the magic happens. None of this data is new, but Wolfram Alpha creates charts and graphs in a way that you would not have considered before. For example, it will give you pie charts comparing how many of your friends are married to how many friends are single. You will see a usage graph, this will show you how many times you log on, from the website or mobile app, how often you update your status, and even post pictures. It’s an interesting tool to stalk yourself in my opinion. If you’re interested, and you probably should be, it only takes a few minutes to run.

Engadget, Wolfram Alpha

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