Metal Gear movie announced at the Metal Gear 25th Anniversary event

Video game movies have always been so-so when it comes to Hollywood. CGI titles are another story, but today we were all in for a shock not many people expected anytime soon…

Today was the Metal Gear 25th Anniversary event and Konami and Hideo Kojima had a special announcement which took fans by surprise. Finally, Hollywood would be taking on the Metal Gear Series and making it a movie. Avi Arad will be producing the film. With titles like X-Men, Iron Man, Blade, and the Spider-Man movies under his belt, Hideo Kojima believes Arad is the man who can bring the title to life.

Arad promised to make a fantastic movie that’s faithful to the series’ spirit, and being Kojima’s brainchild, you can only imagine Kojima will make sure this movie meets up to all his expectations and will have a huge part in the creative process.

I can’t imagine another voice other than David Hayter if they decide to take the Solid Snake route, but if Kojima is there, I can believe it will be amazing. You can’t go wrong if it has Kojima’s name attached to it.


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