MLG Summer Scandal : Dignitas and Curse Disqualified

The Major League Gaming summer championship events took place this past weekend, in Raleigh, North Carolina. Teams competed in multiple games, including StarCraft II, Mortal Kombat, and Soul Calibur V. League of Legends is quickly becoming the most watched game in MLG, but this time, neither first or second place were awarded, with the prize pot going to 3rd and 4th place.

Curse NA and team Dignitas were neck in neck, when one of the most peculiar events in Esports history occurred. The teams both decided to host an ARAM (All random all mid) game instead of standard tournament format. First of all, this shouldn’t have been allowed by MLG. If Esports is to be taken seriously, then a tournament standard should be drafted and strictly followed. If both baseball teams decided to play the game with random members of the audience, and with only two bases, would that be even considered a real game? With $20k on the line, I honestly expected much more professionalism from both teams and MLG.

To be entirely honest, the ARAM format is extremely fun, and is one of my favorite variations in League of Legends. But if you are there to compete, be serious about it at least, and when you get home, stream some ARAM. The kicker is that this gets even worse. Curse has created a juvenile video apology similar to something you would see in the principal’s office. So many people know that the two teams conspired to share the pot, just come out and say it, we know. This is a crucial time for Esports. Riot Games is opening a permanent tournament stadium and streaming station, with so much invested how can the teams not take pro gaming seriously?

Here is the video of Curse’s apology.

You be the judge, should MLG be more strict with Tournament format, do the teams deserve stricter punishment that disqualification from finals, or should this be let go?

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