Movie review: The Bourne Legacy is born again!

The Bourne Legacy veers off a different path with Jeremy Renner starring in the leading role. So no Jason Bourne? Nope, it’s about his legacy. Jason Bourne lets the world know about Treadstone, causing the company to be in trouble. Retired Col. Eric Byer (Edward Norton) comes up with a solution by destroying anything regarding their project in Treadstone: Project Outcome – including their six super agents. Aaron Cross aka “No. 5” (Jeremy Renner) is one of the super-agents trying to survive with the help of an Outcome scientist (Rachel Weisz).

Although Jason Bourne is mentioned several times in the movie and a carving of his name is shown above the bed in the cabin, director Tony Gilroy wanted you to know that there was never just one. He played clips of Cross’ previous life to try to get the audience to understand the new character and hopefully fall in love with him as we did with Bourne. Unlike Bourne’s mission to find out information about Treadstone, Cross is just fighting to survive.

Like the other Bourne movies, this movie is full of action and fighting scenes. You see Cross fighting wolves, air strikes, agents and trying to get away from a Terminator-like agent through the streets of Manila on a motorcycle. Renner did a lot of his own stunts, and you really appreciate it because if there was any wrong move, he could definitely get injured. His action scenes were really impressive.

There was some confusing parts to the story that left you wondering “What the [email protected]#k?” There was a scene of a fellow scientist aid, who starts killing his coworkers (where Weisz’s character survived). There were no reasoning or any evidence of why, and it didn’t make sense to me. There was another scene with a Treadstone agent “without the inconsistencies” who was sent out to hunt Aaron Cross. He was shot three times in the body and thrown off his motorcycle – but he STILL managed to get back up and chase after Cross. I really hope Gilroy explains in the extras on the DVD/Blu-ay those moments.

Overall, if you love the action from the previous movies, this has all the explosions and fight scenes that you will enjoy. As for the storyline, it was somewhat confusing but entertaining. I enjoyed watching Renner being the new action hero. Renner’s Cross is very likeable, and yes, draws the female audience in really well. He’s quick witted and his fighting is really fun to watch. He did a great job as an agent. Hopefully for the next one, it’d be nice to see Matt Damon and Jeremy Renner fighting side by side to take down Treadstone and Norton’s group. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Grade: B

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