Ellen DeGeneres returning as Dory for Finding Nemo 2 and Partysaurus Rex short before Finding Nemo 3D

That cute, but scatter-brained tang fish is back! Ellen DeGeneres is currently in talks to bring her voice back to Dory for Finding Nemo 2. When the original role of Dory was written for the first film, it was done with DeGeneres in mind. She¬†undoubtedly, was amazing in the role and still stands as an unforgettable Pixar character. Andrew Stanton is returning as director, although for Finding Nemo he co-directed with Toy Story 3’s Lee Unkrich. Stanton has also directed other great Pixar films like WALL-E and A Bug’s Life (co-direct). Many will also know that he directed the failed live-action film, John Carter. Even for that, I think he’ll do just fine with Finding Nemo 2 when it releases sometime in 2016.

If you haven’t seen the original Finding Nemo yet, you have a chance to see it on the big screen in 3D starting September 14th. For those that plan on seeing it in 3D, you’re in for a treat as Rex from Toy Story makes a return in the Partysaurus Rex short. Pixar has long been known for their inclusion of animated shorts prior to the feature film showing. This one has him in a bathroom with bath toys that seem to need a little bit of help getting the party started. Not only do I get to look forward to Finding Nemo 3D, but also a new Pixar short as well.

Source: THR

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