Exclusive: Terry Crews confirms role in Last Friday

Last Thursday, the WWE held a Be A Star party in Beverly Hills to help raise awareness for their anti-bullying campaign. Many stars were in attendance at the event including Expendables 2 star Terry Crews. Recently, news has begin to pop up about the final installment in the Friday series. Ice Cube has confirmed that Chris Tucker will return and it is suspected that Mike Epps will be involved as well.

Being a fan of the franchise, I couldn’t pass up the chance to ask Terry Crews if Damon would make his return in the Last Friday.

“Oh hell yeah, more than just a cameo. You’ll see me in the movie for sure.”

From what we’ve heard, Cube is still finishing the script, but it’s possible that Terry knows a little more about the project than we do.

Earlier this year, a poster popped up online listing Kat Williams as part of the cast as well, but it is unsure if the poster is legitimate. Williams and Epps currently have some beef over some comments Kat Williams made about Epps’ standup.

Mike Epps has confirmed that he will be in the film and even says production is set to begin the spring of 2013.

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