Indiana Jones coming to IMAX as well as AMC holding an all-day Indy marathon

Steven Spielberg really plans to make this September his month. It was recently announced that 3 Blu-ray sets will be released, starting with the Jaws Blu-ray, then E.T. The Extra-terrestrial Blu-ray and finally Indiana Jones: The Complete Collection Blu-ray. Well it was announced today that not only will AMC be holding an all-day Indy marathon of all 4 films, but Raiders of the Lost Ark will be released for one week in IMAX theaters.

Paramount in conjunction with Spielberg himself, worked on the restoration of the films to Blu-ray as well as converting Raiders of the Lost Ark to the IMAX 70mm film. So you know that he values the quality that these films will be shown in. In regards to Raiders on Imax, Spielberg even went as far as to say that “When the boulder is rolling, chasing Indy through the cave, you really feel the boulder in your stomach, the way you do when a marching band passes by, and you’re standing right next to it.” Ok, I was excited before, but I think I just peed my pants.

Raiders of the Lost Ark will start its limited one week run on September 7th, while AMC will hold its Indy marathon on September 15th. If you’re not sure if the AMC near you will be holding the marathon, here’s a list of theaters that are confirmed. Tickets are $25 and you get a collectible poster and lanyard. That’s not too shabby, plus 3 awesome movies (I don’t count Crystal Skull…EVER) for a fair price. I plan on doing both the Raiders IMAX screening as well as the marathon.

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