2012 Las Vegas Star Trek Convention: Costumes thinking outside the box

There were many amazing costumes at the 2012 Las Vegas Star Trek Convention. Cosplayers from all over the world came to participate in the Annual Costume Contest with $1000 Creation Entertainment credit as the prize. There was a prejudging portion earlier in the day with over 100 people participating. The judges were able to cut the numbers to 35 finalists.

Best Costume prizes are given to the top. Since this is the 25th Anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation (ST:TNG), another category was added to the costume contest: Best TNG Costume. The criteria was design, creativity, craftsmanship and character portrayal.

I was extremely impressed with all the finalists. The craftsmanship of their work was stunning. It was extremely hard to choose a favorite. After being introduced, the winners were announced.


The Best TNG Costume was given to Susie (California) who portrayed Shinzon (ST: TNG’s Nemesis). Her costume was beautifully made – even the stitching was perfect.

Third place for the Costume Contest was given to Denise (Washington) for her beautiful wedding dress (Dax’s wedding dress from Deep Space 9 [DS9]). It was extremely detailed – even the fabrics and jewelry were perfectly placed.

Second place was given to Michael (Utah) who made and molded himself into a Hirogen alien that has been assimilated by the borg. This was brilliant. It took him a year to create this costume – starting when last year’s convention ended. This was incredibly realistic. He did a wonderful job!

First place was given to a Star Trek couple – Rick (Tennessee) and Jess (Sydney, Australia). They came as Tosk and Hunter (DS9) but in a unique way. Instead of latex prosthetics on their faces, they decided to create the characters on boxes which they did many fittings with and painted themselves. They were really thinking “outside the box”.  Further talking to them, Rick and Jess met at the 2011 Las Vegas Star Trek Convention and are now engaged! Trekkies in love!

 Video of the finalists:

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