George Clooney – Former Batman saves the day for ‘World War Z’

Former Batman George Clooney has allegedly been asked by best pal Brad Pitt to help with the $170 million onset crisis of World War Z. Star Magazine reports that “on set sources” claim “Things are in a dire state, and now the script is being scrapped and completely rewritten.” Adding Pitt is “absolutely desperate”. The source tells the gossip mag that Pitt asked Clooney to take on the role in “overseeing the new screenplay” and apparently talking about “bringing in Cate Blanchett and Natalie Portman for cameos.”

Top celebs trying to recover a film that may be dead on arrival. Safe to say the shit has hit the fan. Hey, at least there is some hope. We could be in for the greatest DVD/Blu-ray extras ever seen! Behind the scenes of a $170 million dollar [email protected]#k up. I’d pay to watch that. Reminds me a lot of Lost in La Mancha – a 2002 film plagued with problems originally to star Johnny Depp.


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