Maximilian calling all Strider players for UMvC3 combo video


Maximilian, the man behind the Assist Me! video series for Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, as well as many other video game oriented videos, is putting out a call to Strider players to help him out. Because of how much time he spends on other projects, he’s asking you, the fighting game community, to help him make a combo compilation video starring everyone’s favorite ninja.

This “Call out to Striders” is being planned with the intention to help bolster the library of Strider knowledge available, of which there is apparently very little of because of his largely established role as a level three X-factor character. If you want to see that change and have a super fancy/heavy damaging/incredibly useful Strider combo, then post it on Youtube and send it to Max as a video response. You may be featured in the combo video when it gets done, and it’ll help your community at the same time.

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